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Hey, I'm Lucie

I’m glad to welcome you here. I hold this virtual space close to my heart, because I’m passionate about three things: good design, creativity and intuition. I believe that great design is what comes out as a result of our alignment between our passion, our calling, and a will to do things properly, with the intention of putting in a bit of effort when necessary. Although the path to true, flowing creativity isn’t always easy, I believe that it is the only way for us to share our authentic message with the world and truly get to do what we love.   

I've created this space for you to gain clarity on what doors the digital world can open up for you as a creative.

When people I’ve just met ask what it is that I do for a living, I usually say that I’m a “freelance graphic designer” because it sounds simple. But in reality, I haven’t worked for a client as a designer since September 2015.

So what have I been doing for all this time? I've been creating digital products and I've uploaded them onto various online platforms, built to help other designers. This has been my source of income and it has allowed me to take a full summer off, travel, and plan my days around my energy levels, my creativity, thus giving me a great sense of freedom.

Most creatives aren’t aware of the numerous, even limitless online opportunities, and I've decided to dedicate this space to make it clearer for you. So, are you curious? If so, then you're arrived to the right place. Come on in!

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